These foods that great chefs put (surprisingly) in the fridge

There are foods that we hasten to put in the fridge once the shopping is done, and others that we forget in our cupboards. However, some of them would be much better after being put in the fridge. In Food & Winethis is in any case what several great leaders defend.

Vijayudu Veena, chief at setai in Miami Beach, for example, keeps its chips cool so that they retain their crunchy texture. Jason Bergeron, Chief of Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen, prefers to taste his lasagna after a good night spent in the refrigerator. The texture would be much better.

At restaurateur Michael Schulson, Haribo teddy bears are kept cool. “They tend to be a little tougher and less rubbery that way”, he confides. With their creamy texture, cold macaroni and cheese taste almost like a dessert according to chef Rusty Bowers. Finally, James Kelly, head of the Will Dare Lupa Romanaeat their canned sardines after they have been in the fridge: a question of freshness.

So, sacrilege or brilliant idea?

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