these products are potentially dangerous for health, it is about mozzarella

When faced with a product recall, stress dominates. After chocolate, pizzas or ham, cheese is in the sights!

Too many product recalls?

Product recalls are a common occurrence. Indeed, between the producers and the distributors, the dialogue never breaks. As soon as a problem is noted with a customer, it is absolutely necessary to warn the others. We saw it recently with Kinder and Buitoni, the impact on the brand’s reputation can stick with it for many weeks or a few years. For chocolate, the case falls badly. The Easter period is undoubtedly the time when sales multiply by two or three. Young and old alike had no other choice but to check the consumption date and throw the offending items in the trash. This is why everyone must play the card of transparency. Why continue to hide the problem? everything always ends up being known, especially when no one expected it. As usual, the drafting of ‘Objeko would like to warn you against the products affected by this alert. Here we go, follow the guide!

What is mozzarella good for?

Inside grandma’s recipes, even if she doesn’t specify it, there is bound to be a bit of mozzarella. Moreover, during the summer, the traditional salad with tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil are on the rise. And if you like the sweet / salty mix, we recommend that you accompany it with a slice of melon and raw ham. It’s a delight ! Alas, even if the sun begins to point the tip of its nose, it is not tomorrow the day before that we will be able to eat it at the restaurant. And for good reason, this product recall embarrasses everyone without exception!

When you look at the pizza menu, you realize that the main ingredient of this Italian specialty is precisely mozzarella. First of all, it is inexpensive. On the other hand, it goes quite well with pasta or tomato. However, this product recall is really bad timing. In fact, the case Buitoni and its Fresh’Up is in everyone’s memory. By specifying that there were two deaths, there is no doubt that this affair has not yet revealed all its secrets. From the factory manager neglecting sanitary standards to head office executives, Objeko sincerely hope there will be a trial. If only for families who have lost a loved one. I promise, as soon as it changes one way or the other, we’ll keep you posted!

Properly identify this product recall

Dear reader, from Objeko do you know selex ? Those who have to eliminate lactose from their purchases owe him a debt of gratitude. When you are intolerant to this nutrient, you can really suffer if you consume it. If you want to have proof, we advise you to go directly to the paragraph below. Obviously, this product recall was triggered urgently because of the presence of this allergen. Oops, since it was the main selling point of this brand, we do not understand that such thoughtlessness can occur. For information, the batches concerned range from 94 to 96. Their expiry date extends over one week and is between May 3 and May 5, 2022.

If you ever consume this cheese and ignore this product recall, here’s what can happen. Afterwards with cramps, the stomach doubles in volume and transit problems such as diarrhea can occur. As for nausea, it is often accompanied by episodes of vomiting. Admit that you do not want to live such a sanitary hell. After two years of pandemic, one has the impression that this kind of nutritional inconvenience is increasing.

How to overcome this scourge?

The manufacturing plants will absolutely have to respect all the instructions and under penalty of being severely sanctioned. Why not draw up precise and rigorous specifications? All leads are on the table! In the case of Kinder or of Buitoni, more and more customers are calling for a boycott. This risks triggering an unprecedented tsunami in the world of agribusiness. Continued in the next issue ofObjeko !

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