these products can be dangerous for your health, these are Lidl chocolate biscuits

Hard blow for the Lidl chain of stores! Indeed, the latter recently had to deal with a product recall. It is therefore cakes that have been marketed in this store that are inconsolable and unfit for consumption.

Product recall, a dangerous aspect!

When we eat food, we expect it to be safe to eat.

Otherwise, we trust different brands and different distributors. Whether it is towards the quality of the product we consume, but also towards the cleanliness of the latter.

Thus, you should know that manufacturers must comply with many rules in order to market their products. This varies according to the products that are marketed.

A guarantee of trust between the merchant and the consumer. In particular, this makes it possible to gain space with competitors, when the products consumed are confirmed to meet consumer expectations.

But overall, this should be ruled out from any bacteria whatsoever. This could greatly impact your health and put it at risk. Thus, many product recalls are present in the newspapers in recent days.

And recently, the Lidl chain of stores has been impacted by this aspect. A real blow for this brand which continues to gain space in the hearts of consumers.

A product recall at Lidl!

It’s a word that is starting to become more and more present and natural in the minds of French men and women.

And that does not bode well! Indeed, it should be known that the recall of products does not envisage anything good for the people who are concerned.

This has already been seen in particular in the past, when major brands have been subjected to this critical aspect. Thus, we can mention the Kinder and Buitoni brand, which have been greatly impacted by this aspect. The latter were in particular in turmoil following this product recall.

In particular the brand of frozen pizzas Buitoni, which sent children to the hospital. And it would seem that certain hygiene criteria have not been respected by the employees and managers of this brand.

But recently, it was Lidl that was subjected to this product recall. You should know that this product recall concerns chocolate cookies.

The Rappel Conso site informs consumers to remain vigilant about Lidl’s chocolate biscuits. Indeed, possible traces of allergens such as soy, nuts, sesame seeds and eggs are detected.

But on the recall procedure, a labeling error was present. It was made with a foreign language. In particular, you should know that there is a risk of developing an allergy. The site reminds us in particular that the products must be returned or destroyed so as not to affect your health. Lidl’s customer service number can still be reached on 0 800 900 343 from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The batches concerned

We will now focus on the different batches that are impacted by this product recall.

Thus, know that this is package Biscuit Bar organic dark chocolate of the brand Sondey. The latter was present on the market from June 2 to 9. This greatly increased the chances of this product being purchased by consumers.

Massive recall of products: these biscuits sold everywhere in France at Lidl must not be consumed due to a risk of allergy

But it should not be consumed, because it is subject to product recalls! And we are going to reveal to you the different lots that are concerned.

For this, you should know that product recalls that take place at Lidl, concern lots L2022105 and L2022147 with international article code (GTIN) 20928827 with an expiry date of April 15 and May 27, 2023.

An aspect that must be taken into account, because the recall of products is becoming more and more present. And the numbers are also very impressive!

In all, 4,723 Product recalls have been going on for about a year. What makes more than 300 product recalls on average.

Keep up to date with the various product recalls that are referenced on the Rappel Conso website!

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