these steaks must be brought back urgently according to the public body which launches the alert!

If we knew perfectly well that more and more product recalls could clearly take place everywhere in France and around the world, few people could have imagined for a single second that we were going to discover information as crazy as what the we were able to discover again very recently. Indeed, as you can imagine, it turns out that more and more people are constantly saying very loud and clear what it is in return with products, each crazier than the other, which have still been able to be recalled. , no offense to all those who could have clearly imagined the opposite.

More and more substantial product recalls!

It must be said that these last few months have been quite crazy and even rather trying for all those who are used to going to supermarkets. Indeed, while we were able to discover a very big scandal a few months ago now with the famous chocolates of the Ferrero brand, it is clear that few people could have imagined that the nightmare was going to continue. the kind with more and more product recalls.

But as we were able to discover once again on the Rappel Conso website, which is the site set up by the French government to talk about product recalls, we can say that this very clearly risks making even more noise. than we could have imagined in the past, to say the least. Might as well say it right away, we already know that it could hit quite hard…

A chilling suspicion for meat lovers

If you like to eat good burgers, then you are clearly going to have to take the lead and see if this does not concern you directly, because you could be very disappointed! Indeed, it is neither more nor less than a suspicion of salmonella that we have been able to detect once again in recent days, and it is clear that this clearly risks changing everything for all those who had the habit of eating good minced meat steaks. On the other hand, as you can see, this is not a national product recall, but a product recall that only concerns certain departments.

Thus, on the Rappel Conso website, you will be able to see in particular that the departments of Aube, Marne, Seine et Marne, and Yonne are directly concerned, but not the others. With a new scandal like this, it could well be that more and more French people discover a real health scandal…

A number is set up for everyone!

If you have the slightest doubt, you should clearly not wait any longer but directly go to your store to get a refund and of course call this local number if you may have had health problems. Indeed, this is not to be joked about, so you can call the following local number in case of problems: 0325373010

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