These Three Cats Travel Around The World With Their Master And Become Web Stars

Notice to those who think that all cats are sedentary, think again!

The proof, with this original trio that travels around the world.

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Traveling cats

Owners of three cats, Dan and Olivia, have decided to travel the world with their pets. As surprising as it may seem, the couple chose to travel to New York with Sponge Cake, Mocha and Donut. An extraordinary journey that the duo has chosen to share on the Web. Result: via the account @spongecake_thescottishfold, the couple shares unusual videos of their trip with their three cats.

On these videos, we discover the cats on a leash, on the back of their master but also posing in new places, such as Central Park, Times Square or Venice and Milan in Italy or even Paris. Yes, you read that right. Asked by the New York Postthe couple said: “We had a few expeditions planned and wanted to take them with us. It was hard not to be with them because we consider them our family”

Cats used to airplanes

And for those wondering how this amazing family travels, they just fly and the cats seem to get used to it: “They sleep almost all the time during the flight. They are all relaxed and quiet. Sometimes the other passengers don’t even realize that we have 3 cats with us”, said Dan. Among their most beautiful trips with their felines, the couple chose Paris: “We dropped them off on cobblestone streets and off they went, exploring all the shop windows until they decided to stop at a pastry shop.” As you can imagine, these videos very quickly became viral on the Web. And the couple now has more than 340,000 followers on Instagram.

We must admit that we never tire of these new videos that are good for morale.

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