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they find a fortune in the litter box!

cat near its litter box cat wow

cat near its litter box

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It all started with a simple anti-narcotics operation in Creil. The brigade dog approaches a car in which the police find hashish.

The owner of the car is then interviewed and her home in Nogent-sur-Oise is searched. This is where the discoveries will be linked, much to the surprise of the police officers present at the scene.

A cat sitting on a fortune

During a search of this woman’s home in the 50s, the police discovered more than 350 grams of hash throughout the house. They later find hashish on the woman.

But it is not the most striking discovery of the day for the police, who cannot believe it when they find a good 14,500 euros in the cat’s litter! The money had been hidden in a metal box in the animal’s toilet.

As reported by Le Parisien, the woman was put on trial during an appeals procedure, where she received a 9-month suspended prison sentence. All the money was confiscated and a probationary period was imposed.

As for the cat, nothing was held against him!

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