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Dog sees owner’s daughter take her first steps

Taco is an adorable 3-year-old Golden Retriever who lives with Claudia, her husband, and Vanora, her little human sister.

Taco and Vanora are inseparable. Ever since Vanora was an infant, Taco has watched over her with the utmost care.

A beautiful love story

As soon as his masters put the baby on the floor or on the bed, the Golden Retriever lay down right next to his little sister.

Taco is always attentive to the needs of the little girl.

When his masters wake up in the middle of the night for Vanora, Taco wakes up too.

The doggie is always as happy as his humans when the little one succeeds in a new stage of life. For example, when Vanora started to pull herself up in her crib and hold on to the bars, he was all excited.

He jumps for joy

But nothing thrilled the pooch more than when the little one started walking!

As soon as Vanora took her first steps, Taco started getting super excited.

On the video below, we can see the dog completely delighted in front of his little sister who approaches him. He can’t help jumping for joy on the sofa and going back and forth on it to show his happiness.

Now that Vanora is walking, Taco and his sister have found new ways to play together.

Claudia and her husband are delighted to see that the two are best friends and they are very moved to see their relationship blossom from day to day.

We wish them wonderful adventures to live together!

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