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“They have severe third degree burns”

Three weeks ago, the Remoucastrian veterinarian Laurence Culot, also president of the CPAS in Aywaille, took care of two little Jack Russel, Zoé and Maya. Both female dogs had just been sprayed with a liquid akin to acid.

“We were called by the owner of the dogs who were in an outdoor kennel. He realized that his two little Jack Russels were seriously injured, she then explained in our pages. One of the two dogs, the most affected, is a very affectionate dog who comes spontaneously to the barrier. The other, he is a little more suspicious and he remains in the background. In view of the injuries, the female dogs were doused with a chemical liquid, probably akin to acid. They both have severe third degree burns on their paws from wading in the acid solution but they also have burns on their tongues from licking their wounds, as well as on their face, ears and eyes. The most affected of the two female dogs also has a large acid stain on her entire flank. Nearly 45% of the latter’s body is burned by the acid”.

>> At the time, it was impossible to say whether the two dogs would survive: today, the news is reassuring.

>> Maya should return home this Monday, but not Zoé: “She still has several weeks to go but she is still better. »


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