“They locked the cat in the microwave”

Jonathan Martin, you are councilor responsible for animal welfare for Libramont Municipality. Your unit is regularly talked about for its animal protection measures, as will still be the case with the premium you want to offer for neutering cats. Do you feel that citizens expect that from the authorities?

In general, we must first be able to recognize that it is a fairly new concern for the municipalities to manage. For Libramont it is all the more so as there was no real animal welfare policy until 2018. However, a survey that has just been published tells us that 7 out of 10 Belgians are very concerned about animal welfare and that 8 out of 10 Belgians expect more from elected officials in this area. We therefore strive to be there and even to be at the forefront of the field. A well-known association has also recently placed us on the 2nd step on the podium of the Luxembourg municipalities that have the most respect for animal welfare.

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