They remove a man’s electronic bracelet but they make a horrifying discovery at his home (video)

On July 22, the Ohio-based Licking County Humane Society in the United States rescued 80 dogs from a home, completing the largest rescue in the shelter’s history.

The association had been contacted after police officers went to a man’s home to remove the owner’s electronic bracelet.

A home visit

The police immediately called the association’s rescuers after noting the number of dogs present in the house and the terrible conditions in which they lived.

The owner of the dogs had indicated that he had 30 dogs.

The rescuers therefore went there thinking that they would have an hour to get the doggies out, but when they arrived on the spot they discovered 80 dogs scattered in all areas of the house.

Rescuers took hours to get all the animals out of the house.

Dogs in pain

All of the dogs were infested with fleas and many suffered from infections.

The Licking County Humane Society said on Facebook that it will provide the dogs with housing, food, water and medical care until the animals are adopted.

The rescuers will also vaccinate and sterilize the animals and assess their behavior.

It’s the start of a long road to rehabilitation for doggies, but also the start of a new life!

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