They specialize in defending drug traffickers: who are these lawyers who have become “stars” in the drug dealer community?

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Many lawyers have specialized in defending drug traffickers, often allowing them to reduce their sentence or avoid ending up in prison. Who are these lawyers whose names circulate in the networks of dealers.

Their numbers are exchanged in prison, on Snapchat or even on the verge of a deal. Lawyers specialize in defending drug traffickers and their successes in the courts are praised by rappers.

In May 2021, on the basis of anonymous information, police checked French rapper DA Uzi and found 5,900 euros in cash, 4 kg of cannabis resin, a weapon and ammunition at his home in Noisy-le-Grand ( Seine-Saint-Denis). A case a priori badly embarked for the rapper of 29 years who will be imprisoned. But Davy Ngoma Di Malonda of his real name will be released for procedural defects.

The lawyers quoted in the songs of the rappers

“When I saw this nullity, I said to myself ‘it’s too good’. Jurisprudence prevents control on the basis of a single anonymous call. This is the first course in criminal procedure for the second year of law , I did not work a miracle”, underlines the lawyer of the rapper, Me Naïri Zadourian.

This young criminal lawyer, who had barely six months at the bar, was then experiencing dazzling popularity. His number will circulate among dealers, to the point of forcing him to hire collaborators. A sign of his success, “Maître Zadourian” is one of the titles of DA Uzi’s latest album “le chemin des braves”, released in 2022.

“In court, I have nothing to fear, I have Master Le Bras”, raps Booba who frequently praises his lawyer in his songs. So much so that his name “circulates on radio zonzon” (prison), recognizes Yann Le Bras, who defends notorious traffickers as well as the actress Adèle Haenel.

“A manual” for lawyers to avoid prison

In addition to ensuring their defense, dealers’ lawyers provide “a manual” to avoid jail. Thus, “we avoid giving our telephone code in police custody even if it constitutes an offence. It is better to be sentenced for this offense than on what we will find on the telephone”, indicates a lawyer under cover of anonymity.

Regarding the fees, the pricing is variable “if you are the small trafficker who cannot even afford a kebab or the organizer who lives in Rotterdam, Dubai or Colombia”, explains another lawyer. , but business is “profitable”. “We are rarely given checks or transfers,” blows the criminal.

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