“They’re going to hide, defecate everywhere, it’s unbearable!”

Francine and Jeanine are overrun by cats (PHOTOS), they don’t know what to do. “They come into the house, go hide, defecate everywhere. It’s not livable”, says Jeanine, who no longer sleeps at night.

The two friends live in Donstiennes. Jeanine has lived in this house for 40 years and Francine joined her there 17 years ago. Animal lovers, they have adopted several stray cats in their country home. Gradually, others arrived. “There are twenty of them! They enter the house through the door or through the cat flap and they come to eat or hide to have their young”, explains Francine.

>> Jeanine and Francine call for help.

>> The municipality tried to find a solution, in vain: Pierre Navez, acting mayor, explains the situation.


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