Thionville. A literary tea room and a restaurant with flavors of Cape Verde

Manuel Costa is a Thionvillois from Cape Verde. In catering since a very young age and after having spent ten years in Cannes in the kitchens of the Accor group, he decided to put down his suitcases again in Thionville, taking over, with three associates, the walls of the former restaurant Le Métropole, located on rue d’Angleterre. Not to make it a restaurant but a restaurant… more a tea room. “We split the room in two to make two entities,” he explains. The restaurant is expected to open in early May. It will be an establishment dedicated to Creole gastronomy, and more specifically that of Cape Verde. “But with European overtones in the dishes,” he says. “The base is Portuguese. It is true that while Portuguese restaurants are numerous in Luxembourg, there are few on this side of the border. Meat, fish, seafood will be on the menu. “And not necessarily full-bodied when it comes to peppers,” laughs the boss. The name of the brand? The Andrea.

A place to sit

In the meantime, for a month, he has already opened the doors of his tea room, naturally called Le Gouter d’Andréa. A friendly and cozy place that Manuel wanted to associate with literature, the passion of his life. “To have discussions with customers, to share. With an impressive library, from comics to works by the Pléiade, through the multi-volume encyclopedia of women and the family – a whole program – to adventure novels or philosophical essays, Manuel explains having had the desire to offer “something different, a place to settle down. The concept is not to come for a quick drink and leave, even if it is obviously possible (laughs). Here, customers come to read one of our books if they wish, and can even keep it if they take a liking to it. In practice, he finds that there are more customers who bring new books than those who take them away. Board games are also available, as well as homemade pastries, some with exotic flavors. “My goal is to hold conference evenings, with regular writers who come to present their books or people who come to read. Because reading for him is his oxygen. “When I was a kid, once I finished the books my mom bought me for the week, I was so craving that I would read the dictionary (laughs). »

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