This 3-legged stray cat finds the perfect “home”, a store where he became a star

Despite a difficult start to life and an amputation, Greg the cat has recovered and charmed everyone who crossed his path with his unchanging joie de vivre. After being abandoned and wandering, it is today the main attraction in a shop whose employees have taken it to heart.


The history about Greg is disclosed by the website for the city Townsvillelocated in the state of Queensland in Australia.

It was the local council shelter that had taken in this adorable black cat when he had just seen himself walking the streets after being abandoned. Severely injured in the paw, he had been taken to a veterinary clinic, where his left front leg could not be saved.

The amputated 3-legged cat had adapted to its new condition and resumed a normal life as if nothing had happened. His story and his courage seduced Rachael Barrett, employed in a local store. It’s about Feeds 2 GB, a pet shop specializing in the sale of products for horses. She and her colleagues decided to adopt him.

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He is a very loving cat, he is very close to people and he is definitely Rachael’s babysays Yazmin Syed, who also works at Feed 2 Go. He is an important member of our team “.

In the shop, Greg don’t just watch what happens and sleep. He is also there to greet customers, receive hugs and occasionally misplace money, as the page humorously indicates. Facebook of the establishment.

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a rock star

Very quickly the chat became very popular, not only with customers Feeds 2 GBbut also in society.

According to Rachael Barretthe encouraged many of the inhabitants of Townsville to adopt pets. ” Now he’s a bit of a rock starshe explains. He is very well known. Some customers come just to see it. He is also our head taster and he even warned us when there was a snake in the shop one day. “.


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