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This Adorable Cat Hits the Beach for the 1st Time and Can’t Stop Smiling

While enjoying a sunny day at the beach, some people noticed a cat resting with its smiling family. As they approached, they could see how happy the kitten was and he couldn’t be less, it was his first trip to the beach!

Semsema Mahmoud wrote a message on Facebook:

“The cat’s owner says it’s the first time he’s been to the beach.”


The cat smiles getting acquainted with the beach

The little cat’s master decided to let him play on the beach for the first time, and the little cat’s happiness was more than obvious, he couldn’t help but smile. He was so happy to enjoy the breeze, the sand and the place, that he really couldn’t help but smile.

Whether he’s on the sand digging or lounging in the chair and enjoying the sun and breeze, this kitten could not hide his happiness; his big eyes and his smile showed how much he loved this place.


Seeing this cat’s smile and happiness is adorable, especially in these times when the world needs hope and joy.

  • Can I take my cat to the beach?

If taken to the beach, the animal may be stressed because it does not control its environment. It is always advisable to avoid taking it on short trips. If it’s a long trip and you don’t want to leave it to someone else, it’s best to take it in a crate or carrier.

Our felines are animals that need to control their environment. Therefore, every time we take them somewhere, we have to understand that it can stress them out. What we have to do is prepare the place, so that this intense change of environment does not make him nervous.


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