This Bull Terrier masters the practice of skimboarding like no other and takes great pleasure in it (video)

Going to the beach with your faithful 4-legged friend is the guarantee of a moment of joy and sharing. Generally dogs love to swim and the large expanses of sand offer a race track conducive to letting off steam. However, Tariq Duggan didn’t expect his pooch Rufus to feel so much in his element.

Tariq Duggan is the proud owner of Rufus, a 2-year-old Bull Terrier that he adopted as a puppy. The duo are lucky to live in sydneyin Australia. A city by the sea where the mild weather allows you to swim there almost all year round. “We’ve had him since he was little. He is loving, caring and protective”said Tariq at Disconnected.

During their many walks, Tariq noticed that Rufus was attracted by children who practiced skimboarding, a relatively flat surfboard that offers the possibility of sliding on the thin layer of water present by the sea.

The 36-year-old master therefore invested in equipment and began to practice this sport normally reserved for humans.

“He blew everyone away”

Rufus was more than enthusiastic then Tariq let him try. He threw the board seaward and the well-assured pooch naturally climbed on it.

Its balance and instinctive control amazed not only passers-by, but also its owner.

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As can be seen in the video posted on social networks, Rufus takes great pleasure in this physical activity. “We bought him his own board and the rest is history. He makes us very proud as parents, especially when there are groups of people stopping to film his exploits”told Tariq.

Rufus is not the only canid to enjoy sliding sports. Other dogs exhibited their skills on a skateboard or even a surfboard, delighting Internet users. It must be said that discipline is not easy for everyone. Many humans envy their know-how!


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