this Carrefour product can be dangerous for your health, these are chocolate bars

This new product recall is likely to cause a lot of noise. Because the fact that it is chocolate can only recall the scandal around Kinder products. Chocolates sold at Easter and sometimes even at Christmas, which were contaminated and unfit for consumption. Obviously, without yet knowing why Carrefour is recalling these chocolate bars from its stores throughout France, consumers can therefore begin to imagine the worst. So this is again to the official website Drink reminder that it is necessary to turn. Objeko brings you all the references you need to know to identify this new massive product recall, which concerns the whole of France.

They are less and less rare

As the most discerning consumers know, Drink reminder it is the only and official reference for product recalls. This government site is a platform that links distributors (food but not only) and consumers. He defines himself as ” Ie site for dangerous product alerts: food products, non-food products, animal feed ». In short, a single address in case of doubt, that of Drink reminder. Objeko even encourages you to check the platform’s Twitter account to make sure you’re not taking any risks. Especially for the most vulnerable people. Namely pregnant women, the elderly, young children and immunocompromised people.

Especially since, as we told you above, product recalls concerning chocolate have already shaken consumers unceremoniously. Our readers remember the Kinder Easter chocolate scandal without hesitation. A scandal that indeed resonates sadly in the memories. But such cases should not make us forget that other equally important product recalls are played out every day.

Carrefour stores recall this chocolate bar throughout France

Indeed, it is Carrefour stores all over France that are currently recalling this chocolate bar. Since June 3, the product recall procedure has been launched. In fact, if the date of the launch of the procedure dates from June 3, it is possible to imagine that the end of the marketing of the product dates from the day before. Information confirmed on the site Drink reminder on the procedure data sheet. Technical sheet which also indicates the date of the start of marketing of the product on February 15th.

But before worrying about the possible consumption of this chocolate bar from the Carrefour brand, let’s look carefully at the references of the product in question. Indeed, it is a chocolate bar of 80 grams. Dark chocolate bars with 72% cocoa more precisely. A tablet from the Carrefour selection range. Also, if this product is the subject of a recall procedure it is because the packaging was bad. Indeed, if the packaging indicates that it is a bar of dark chocolate, it was actually a bar of dark chocolate with mango and Sichuan pepper which was inside. Objeko will therefore not surprise you by telling you that the reason for the recall is of an allergic nature. Indeed, the packaging must specify the ingredients of the product to prevent consumers from having allergic attacks.

Finally, here are the essential references to recognize the product concerned. Because, Drink reminder also indicates that these Carrefour brand products are not only sold in the brand’s stores. They can also be found in local food supplies, for example. The GTIN for the product is 3560070720859 and the lot number is L2035A. Finally, you should also check the expiry date. This is noted as of 02/28/2023. However, for people allergic to mango, pepper or even gluten, wheat, barley or milk, this product should not be consumed.

A refund procedure is in place until July 2, 2022 as part of the recall of this product. It is also possible to read on the site Recall consumption that for any additional information, Carrefour’s consumer service is available. To reach him, dial this number cristal: 0 805 900 021. At the cost of a normal call, reachable Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm.

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