This cat decided to sulk because her owners dared to move the furniture (video)

Chrissy’s owners should have asked her permission before moving some furniture for the big spring cleaning. The cat didn’t like it at all and she let them know. The video showing her reaction has gone viral since it was posted on Instagram.

ChristineChrissy for insiders – decided to sulk for a good reason. According to her, anyway. The video where we see this cat expressing its disapproval after the initiative taken by its masters to move furniture, amused and moved many Internet users on instagram. A sequence relayed by the Hindustan Times.

posted on instagram on June 22, the video in question racked up half a million views in a single day.

Illustration of the article: This cat decided to sulk because its owners dared to move the furniture (video)
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Not all cats are enthusiastic about change, and Chrissy is no exception to this rule.

His humans explain that that day they had set out to begin their big spring cleaning. In order to be able to work efficiently, they had to move some pieces of furniture.

For the strong-willed cat, this maneuver amounted to an insult. Changing the configuration of the premises without his consent greatly displeased him. She wanted to make them understand very clearly by sulking.

The calls of its owners remain unanswered

Chrissy stares at the wall and ignores Mom and Dad, sometimes forgetting she’s in a collarera “, can we read in description of this video.

They take turns calling her as she turns her back on them. She reacts to it only once at first with a small meow, but immediately resumes her posture, as if remembering that she must be angry.

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Its owners have been notified. The next time they want to move something around the house, they’ll have to make sure Chrissy either agree.


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