this cat decides to run away to find his savior

Discovered in a garden and placed in an association: this cat decides to run away to find its savior

Nothing could stop this little cat.

Paul Demange, a 76-year-old man, did not expect to see this furry ball in his garden. As the newspaper L’Est Républicain tells, the retiree was surprised to discover a kitten, captured a few days earlier on his property located in Dorans, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.

The cat escaped during a visit to the vet

Last May, the senior discovered two litters of stray kittens. Impossible for him to take care of these babies. He therefore decides to contact the association “L’Arche de Mallo” to help him.

The latter will therefore recover the animals to place them in new families. Paul thought that story was behind it. It was without counting on the determination of a small intrepid kitten baptized Billou.

While he had to go to the veterinarian to be identified and cast, the feline decides to take to their heels.

“Billou managed to get out of his cage. To achieve this, he had to flatten himself like a pancake to slip between the fence and the protective tarpaulin, which was nevertheless firmly fixed, ”says Mallory Ortega, head of the Ark in the daily columns.

The pensioner has decided to adopt the tomcat

In five days, the little cat will have traveled 15 kilometers between the towns of Autrechêne and Dorans to return near the garden of the retiree.

Finally, the gentleman who swore to himself not to adopt a cat again after the death of his other feline Grisou changed his mind in the face of Billou’s determination.

Today, the furry ball is being patted by its new owner.

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