This Cat’s Fun Ritual When It Comes Home Has Been Viewed Over 9 Million Times! (video)

When Arthur the cat comes home, he wants to let the whole family know. The latter, for her part, makes it a point of honor to answer him when he signals his return. This little exchange that takes place every evening is both funny and touching.

arthur is an adorable ginger and white cat who is lucky to have a loving family. Nevertheless, even if he knows that he is always expected and pampered there, he is not at all the type to spend his time at home. In fact, he spends most of his days outside, going about his business.

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His owners have also installed a cat flap for him to allow him to go out and come in as he pleases.

Every night when he returns home, he makes sure everyone at home knows about it, as the story goes. Daily Paws. He goes through the cat flap, pauses for a moment at the entrance, then emits a meow loud enough and long enough for all the members of his family to hear.

And the latter respond systematically and in chorus with a ” hello! well audible. As soon as he realizes it, arthurvisibly reassured, continues on his way, probably heading for his very full bowl to eat.

A family ritual that is both adorable and fun, which we can discover in the video TikTok below :


Arthur says ‘hellooooo’ ???? #talkingcat #catsoftiktok #fyp #ilovemycat #loudcat #gingercats

? original sound – Arthurthehellocat

Her family always answers her and whatever she does

The footage went viral, racking up 9 million views on social media. The owners ofarthur try to respond to him each time he arrives, even when they are busy. This is what we can see with this other video:

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Anyone still watching Arthur’s hello’s? Lol. Thank you for all the love in these last two weeks. ?? #fyp #viralcat #talkingcat #gingercatsoftiktok

? original sound – Arthurthehellocat

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