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This couple’s cat disappears during a barbecue, they will make a chilling discovery

Sensitive souls refrain ! By discovering the slow agony of this cat, our heart shines in a thousand pieces. What happened ?

SOS cat in the storm!

The action of the drama takes place in Ireland and more precisely in Ballyanoe. As she was about to start a delicious meal with friends, the balance of this tribe wavers. Bella, their beautiful three-year-old Persian cat, no longer gives any sign of life. Very quickly, for David and Finola O’Callaghan, the anxiety goes up a notch. Indeed, the feline is not used to wandering around the neighborhood. Decision is made to postpone the barbecue and to begin the search. A few hours later, they return empty-handed. When the phone rings, it’s the coup de grace. A mysterious walker tells them that their beloved pet died in horrific conditions. Finding themselves more or less ten kilometers away, they immediately set off. Nothing prepared them for this nightmarish vision!

What a shock !

In the Glentrasna South woods, disaster strikes. Suspended from a metal bar, Bella is no longer of this world. Deliberately using harsh words, Finola tries to soothe her dear cat’s ailments. It is a ” horrible, s*dic and brutal m*ssacreI “. Unable to recover, she throws a bottle overboard in the local press. ” I will always keep this image, I will never get it out of my head. »

Holding back her tears and her anger, she delivers a detailed account of the last seconds of her cat’s life. To say she loved as much as her own children is an understatement. Besides, just talking about the bond, she trembles. ” The way she was hanging on was menacing. » Emphasizing that “the place where she was was a very public place”, she insists on this paradox in her own way. “The road is calm, but tying it to the entrance to the woods, it was deliberate, it was targeted… It was so upsetting! » Who can think of hurting an animal that didn’t ask? This is not a first for Objeko ! In this article, we told you about the tragic fate of this dog. For the police, the investigations continue as long the mystery remains!

Never again for a cat!

Owner of other felines, Finola warns the locals. If they don’t get busy finding the culprit soon, he’ll probably do it again. Calling him ” psychopath », she wants to give him back his own coin. To get to this point of no, he doesn’t possess the slightest respect for anyone but himself. Continued in the next issue ofObject. Until then, we urge you to watch your back. In town or in the countryside, a tragedy can completely upset your bearings.

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