This danger of cities that threatens birds in full migration

FAUNA – Birds are part of our daily life. However, we underestimate the dangers that the city represents for these animals, as you can see in our video at the top of the article. Every year during During the migration period, these birds travel thousands of kilometers to reach their wintering or breeding grounds.

“In the fall, hundreds of millions of migratory birds leave their breeding grounds and begin a long flight to their wintering grounds, sometimes located several thousand kilometers away, they will make the trip in the opposite direction in the spring”, recalls the League for the Protection of Birds on its site.

During their journey, they sometimes find themselves having to pass through towns. With the risk, as experts in the field point out, of hitting windows and shop windows of buildings, disoriented by the reflections of lights, among other things. This is the case of New York but not only, it happens all over the world.

Simple solutions

LTransparent films can partially alleviate the problem and help birds during their crossing. Other solutions exist, such as turning off the lights at night in office buildings, as well as closing blinds when the lights are on.

In New York, associations count injured or dead birds after a collision with a window or a building. They also come to the aid of injured birds by bringing them to the only refuge in the city dedicated to wild animals where they are treated and released, once cured, to continue their migration.

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