This dog house is worth the price of a studio in Paris

Designed by a Japanese company, it will be sold for $150,000 in a very limited edition.

In Paris, the purchase of a studio in 2021 required a budget of between 150,000 and 200,000 euros depending on the location. This is also the price of this Japanese dog house.

For $150,000, employees of the Osaka-based design firm Bunkaizai Kozo Keikaku design a luxury doghouse following the principles of Zen Buddhism, while respecting the traditional Japanese style.

Baptized Inudono, Japanese words inu (dog) and Dono (feudal lord), this niche is intended “an elegant and luxurious abode for mankind’s best friend, breaking the stereotype that kennels are rudimentary doghouses”explains the Japanese company.

“The Inudono project uses this beautiful architecture to create the most beautiful kennels that no one has ever seen,” she adds.

Be careful, there will not be for everyone. Interested buyers should make themselves known between August 17 and 31. And initially, only five people will then be drawn on September 1. It should be noted that the construction of such a niche can take time depending on the company: between six months and a year.

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