This dog seems to have two tails, but she actually has a fifth leg (video)

A young Bulldog arrived at the shelter and her appearance was the subject of many questions. But that didn’t stop him from seducing a good number of TikTok users in a video.

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The name of Chanel No. 5 was obvious for this female dog with such a singular appearance. The 5 legs of the animal surprised everyone when she was brought by the veterinarian to the shelter Norcal Bully Breed Rescuein California.

“We first thought she had a second tail”

To remove all doubts about the state of health of Chanel, a veterinary examination was carried out. He observed that in this supposed tail, there was actually a bone, also called the tarsus, which corresponds to the ankle bone in a dog.

Illustration of the article: This dog seems to have two tails, but she actually has a fifth leg (video)

NorCal Bully Breed Rescue/Instagram

A member of the shelter explains to the newspaper Subway : “ It is therefore a fifth leg. She also has three toes and three pads. »

Chanel’s arrival at the shelter caused a stir on TikTok


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The dog has charmed many Internet users in this video watched more than 2 million times. The members of the shelter wanted to share news of Chanel in other videos, where users of TikTok were full of praise: “she is so cute“, “she’s perfect with that fifth leg“, “I send you all my love” we could read among the comments.

Unfortunately, the dog’s little heart did not hold and Chanel went away a few days later. His physical peculiarity probably hid other sufferings. His health deteriorated in a short time and the members of the shelter shared the sad news with their followers. Everything will have been done to save Chanelin vain.

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