This dog stolen in 2012 found his masters in 2022 500 kilometers from the place of his disappearance

Dog theft is a scourge that greatly saddens owners. A very difficult ordeal to overcome that Chantal and Jeannot Jaume unfortunately suffered 10 years ago. Thanks to identification and perhaps also a stroke of luck, the couple had the pleasure of reuniting with their faithful companion.

Fitu, by his nickname, is a Bearded Czech now 12 years old. He was adopted when he was 3 months old in 2010 by Chantal and Jeannot Jaumea couple residing in the department of Lozere.

In 2012, the family went to the Vaucluse for a few days of well-deserved rest. “I had taken it for hunting. I was with him in the vineyards. I turned around, he was no longer there. With my wife, we had toured all the SPAs. We went to the town hall. We looked everywhere.”remembered Jeannot. A painful memory for this retired market gardener who was very attached to his dog.

The couple had never given up on their research and said they had always kept hope. He even called on a clairvoyant friend to try to solve this mystery, in vain.

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Chantal and Jeannot Jaume – Demotivator

Drama 10 years later

On June 27, 2022, the boarding house and animal pound theEdenof Chastel-New in the north of Mende in Lozere, was entrusted with an elderly dog. The municipal police of Saint-Chely-D’apcher had picked it up when it was wandering dangerously on the public highway.

The manager of the shelter, Helene Martinazzo-Bruelthen scanned its microchip and contacted its owners on July 2, 2022.

” I could not believe it. He lived 10 years without us. I cried about it”told Chantal to the Demotivator.

Without waiting, the couple took their car to pick up Fitu. Chantal and Jeannot didn’t know if their dog would recognize them, but the reunion was indeed emotional. “We were a little afraid to see him again in bad shape. We left him, he was a cadet. We find him, he is an old man. But he’s in great shape.”rejoiced Jeannot.

They plan to resume their activities where they left off and enjoy each other’s every moment.

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Otherwise, Helene Martinazzo-Bruel stresses the important role of animal pounds in this type of situation. “We bring them to safety. We take care of them. After 8 working days, we can offer them for adoption. We are fighting for them to find a home.”she concluded.


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