This endearing dog always looks amazed for a very special reason

Each canine is unique and has its own specificities. Belle, a young rescue dog, was born with a birth defect that makes her look like she’s constantly dazed. His mistress is totally in love and wouldn’t change her appearance for anything in the world.

Lieschen O’Connor38 years old, lives in Tyler in the state of Kansas to United Stateswith his faithful 4-legged companion named Beautiful. She adopted her in 2017 while she was in the care of the shelter. Lawrence Humane Societyspecializing in rescuing stray or mistreated animals.

Beautiful, a Dobermann cross, has always had this pretty little banal face. She suffers from a birth defect that pulls her facial muscles backwards. His eyelids are therefore continuously raised.


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A malformation that makes her unique

Happily, Beautiful lives normally, without inconveniences. Lieschen must simply moisturize his eyes regularly with drops provided for this purpose.

Her endearing personality fills her family with joy. “Belle is extremely sweet and a little clumsy. If dogs could laugh, she would certainly laugh a lot”said his mistress to the Mirror before adding: “She is gentle with other animals and great with children”.


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When Beautiful and Lieschen went out for a walk, local residents surprised by her expressive face called out to the duo for explanations and ended up admitting that she is particularly cute.

The woman therefore created a TikTok account dedicated to her best canine friend.


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It didn’t take long for the community to fall in love with the atypical young dog. To date, she has more than 160,000 subscribers and each video generates a lot of reactions.

In particular, we can read in the comments: “His expressions make my heart swell. He’s the cutest doggie on TikTok, I love him so much”or “She looks like she’s stunned all the time, it makes me laugh out loud.”


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