This father captures an adorable video showing his daughter dancing while his dog plays the piano

This video showing a little girl dancing while her dog plays the piano might make you smile.

Buddy Mercury is aptly named! Like the late Freddie Mercury, this little dog is an accomplished performer. Indeed, the furball devotes an all-consuming passion to music, and his favorite pastime is to play the piano standing up.

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But that’s not all ! The quadruped – who was adopted from a shelter – loves to sing! And the least we can say is that his concerts delight his owners, an American couple.

Photo credit: buddymercury/Instagram

A video of the virtuoso dog hits the internet

Three years ago, Buddy’s foster dad captured a video that went viral on the dog’s YouTube page. The reason ? In the images, we see the couple’s little girl dancing while the canine plays the piano.

Photo credit: buddymercury/YouTube

Photo credit: buddymercury/YouTube

Photo credit: buddymercury/YouTube

In total, the sequence has garnered more than 19 million views and 29,055 comments: “The dancing baby was the cutest thing in the world…then the dog started playing the piano and singing…the funniest thing in the world“, “VSthe dog plays the piano and sings better than me», «Two best friends having fun together. How adorable“, can we read among the many reactions.

As Woopets points out, Buddy has his own miniature piano, but he prefers to borrow the instrument from his beloved masters. The one who is followed by 33,000 subscribers on Instagram can also boast of having a downloadable album on iTunes and Amazon.

Also according to the specialized site, the owners of Buddy donate half of the income generated by the activities of the doggie to animal shelters.

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