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This Golden Retriever’s Hilarious Futile Attempt To Grab Chips On A Train Is Going Viral

Crisps are certainly not a food suitable for canine consumption, but a dog who was traveling by train and found a packet of them behind him absolutely wanted to taste them. Only problem, access to the coveted food was impossible.

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A series of photos showing a dog desperately trying to put its paw (and fangs) on a packet of crisps on a train has sparked a lot of laughs via instagram. The story is reported by RTL Info.

Quickly going viral, the post was shared at the end of March by Ursula Daphne Aitchison. The latter describes herself as an animal lover and is the owner of 2 dogs, Golden Retrievers answering to the names ofHugo and Huxley.

The trio lives between London and the mountainous region of Costwoldsin the west of England.

Would you share your snack with him? “, she asks in this post to its subscribers. This one includes 10 photos (to be scrolled with the arrows on the sides or the dots at the bottom) immortalizing the vain attempts of a Golden Retriever enticed by a packet of crisps.

The object of desire is behind the seats of the train where the dog is installed. In the first image, the canine looks at the person who takes a picture of it through the narrow space separating the 2 seats.

On the next one, it’s too much for the greedy dog. He decides to take action and tries to put his paw and muzzle through this opening.

He must face the facts: he will never have these chips!

He then realizes that his head will not pass, but on the 4e photo, we can see that he tries again in spite of everything. He sticks out his tongue, shows his fangs, closes his mouth… Nothing helps; the packet of crisps is out of reach. Even sticking out your tongue as much as possible on the 10e and last picture.

Which, in the end, is anything but bad news for the Golden Retriever, because, let’s remember, chips are not at all a suitable food for dogs. Fried and salty foods are even harmful to them.

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