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This kitten found alone near the forest, climbs on cyclists and never leaves them

In the fields of central Brittany, France, a sweet kitten who was found wandering alone in the forest was fortunately helped by a couple of passing cyclists who could hear him.

The couple were on a routine bike ride in the forest when they heard a loud noise coming from the bushes. They both arrested to investigate in order to see what it was and found the kitten wandering alone in the woods.

Celine and her husband, Daniel, at first thought it was a bird, but in fact the loud sounds were the kitten meowing for help.

Celine commented to Love Meow:

“We were crossing a very quiet road and passing through a forest with no houses nearby, when suddenly we heard a shrill scream coming from a fern on the side of the road. »

This kitten found alone near the forest, climbs on cyclists and never leaves them

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At this time, the kitten was very frightened and distressed, he did not want to approach the couple and even tried to get away from them.

The woman had no choice but to sit on the floor and speak to him in a low voice to try to gain his trust. After a while, the feline understood that the couple meant him no harm and approached Celine, to receive many hugs.

“She wouldn’t let me. She kept climbing on top of me (with her claws) and crying. We knew we had to try to bring her home. »

The return trip was long, but in an attempt to transport her safely, Daniel slipped her into his T-shirt. However, the kitten was very restless and constantly tried to get out, so they decided to go home without her.

They left her in a hiding place and hurried home to get back into their car, hoping the feline wouldn’t wander off. Once at home, they grabbed a cardboard box and made the trip to the forest as fast as they could.

“As soon as I got out of the car and called her, she came out of hiding and ran towards me.”

The sweet kitty jumped into Celine’s arms and started climbing, trying to say she was ready to go home with them. His wish was granted, and the first night in his new home was spent in a grooming session to thank Daniel.

Over the next few days, the kitten, named Mini Kitty, adapted to her home, fed like a champ and got plenty of rest. to regain his energy. Whatever she did, she was always close to Celine and Daniel, apparently to make her feel safe to go about her business.

The affectionate Mini Kitty has become a cuddle machine. Indeed, she does not stop cuddling with any person or any object that is near her.

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“She’s a beautiful cat, very friendly and playful. As soon as she hears us getting up, she runs up the stairs to greet us”.

Mini Kitty is the youngest of the family, but she gets along very well with the other animals in the house thanks to her tender attitude. The sweet cat is very affectionate with everyone and has such an endearing personality that she makes everyone happy.

Three years after being rescued, Mini Kitty isn’t that shy little kitten anymore, but some things never change and she continues to cuddle. Daniel and Celine came into the sweet cat’s life when she needed them most and she will surely be eternally grateful to them.

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