This lunch is recommended by experts to help lose weight before this summer!

Looking for a lunch idea for your slimming diet? Here are the key tips for a balanced diet.

The secret to successful weight loss? Adopt a slimming diet adapted to your needs and practice regular physical activity. Principles that we will have assimilated over time but which are not always easy to respect.

Especially since it is not always easy to establish a menu that meets your needs while respecting the nutrition guidelines. To prepare for any eventuality, the Culturefemme team has gathered the lunch ideas most recommended by dieticians!

Slimming diet: which lunch formula?

The first meal of the day is the most important. It is the one that allows you to find the strength to face the tasks that await you. But we must also not forget lunch, which is another source of energy! The latter is also one of the key elements of a successful slimming dieti. Let’s not forget that the feeling of satiety it gives you prevents you from cravings towards the end of the day. Especially since it is an energy boost and a source of nutrients for your body.

Of course, it’s not about eating everything you can find. The principle is therefore to make a lunch while respecting the instructions of your slimming diet. And this, both in terms of calories and nutrients. Dieticians spur us on the portions necessary for our body but also on the nutritional components to consume to promote weight gain or stabilization. A formula that works every time!

To put it simply: lunch for a slimming diet is mainly made up of protein. These are necessary for the proper functioning of our body. And if you practice physical activity regularly, it will be of great help to you to avoid muscle wasting. What gently sculpt you towards the dream body you want to have!

In addition to protein, know that the lunch of your slimming diet must contain as little carbohydrate and fat as possible. Although necessary for your well-being, these are known for their ability to gain fat. It is also not mandatory to have it with each portion of a meal if you are aiming to lose weight.

What ingredients should be preferred?

The vegetables are an integral part of a successful lunch for a slimming diet. This includes, in particular, green vegetables, carrots, as well as any other such ingredients. The latter will be appreciated for their fiber intake which is an essential element for digestion. Especially since it promotes the feeling of satiety that is needed in this type of diet.

You can also turn to legumes for your slimming diet. Beans, lentils and more will do just fine! These are sources of protein while providing you with a fairly rich meal. It is therefore a major ally that should not be neglected during your lunch if you want to bring variety.

As we said earlier, protein should be an integral part of your midday meal. These are found in large quantities in meat. This is also why it is advisable to consume it regularly for your slimming diet. Whether it’s beef, chicken or even fish, you’ll be spoiled for choice to find what suits you best.

And finally, don’t forget the fruits. These help to gain energy but also to assimilate the amount of nutrients your body needs. Citrus fruits are particularly recommended for a substantial vitamin intake. But you can also turn to the apple, a popular ingredient when it comes to slimming diets.

Slimming diet: cooking is important!

Once you have an idea of ​​the ingredients you want to include in your weight loss diet, it’s time to cook. As foods come back a lot, this is the best way for you to diversify your meals and avoid frustration. First rule: avoid fried foods! The boiling or steaming is much more interesting.

Indeed, this type of cooking is recommended for a slimming diet so as to preserve nutrients. If you want to brown your ingredients during cooking, you can however add a little olive oil to your meal. A healthy and risk-free tip for your weight loss!

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