This man disappears for 11 days in the forest without eating and comes back with a very heavy secret

There are different ways to escape. Some like to have a massage, others have a drink, there are those who like to go hiking. This is the case of young Austin and his stepfather who like to take long walks in the woods. Except that this time, the young man got lost. His stepfather meanwhile did not immediately report his disappearance. What happened ?

The young man is used to hiking

What were they doing in the forest, why did he reappear only after several days? What is the reason for this disappearance? This young man called Austin as well as his stepfather Hubert had a common passion which is the Trek.


It was timely because this walk allowed them to spend time together, to get to know each other better to please the young man’s mother. These two used to go for walks in the “Great Smoky Mountains National Park”. It’s in Tennessee and not too far from where they live. Despite their experiencesthey didn’t expect this ride to end like this.

The ride takes a dark turn

As they walked down their favorite path, the stepfather stumbled hard and knocked his glasses off. Unable to see, he asked the young man for help in finding them. But after long minutes of searching, they can’t find her. After minutes of searching, they decided to take two different directions.

Austin realized very quickly that he had strayed too far from his stepfather as the latter had found his glasses during this time. The young man’s father-in-law turned around and discovered that Austin was missing. After several minutes of shouting his name, the boy was not found.

Two days after the disappearance, the police intervene

After waiting for hours at the car, the young man’s father-in-law decides to get behind the wheel and return home. He explained what had happened to the boy’s mother. Worried, the latter decided to take the car and return to the forest to go in search of Austin. They had to report him missing to the police.2 days later.

The chief of police went to the scene with a team of 100 people and began combing the large area of ​​2700 hectares. They also had the support of a helicopter and dogs to sniff out his trail. If the search was obviously to begin in the woods where he had disappeared, according to the policeman, it was unlikely to find the young man two days later. Accustomed to the forest, at 18, Austin was able to find alone the way back.

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