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This morbidly obese dog lost 16 kilograms after dieting with her adoptive parent

Obesity can be fatal to a pet. It leads to health complications, not to mention the poor physical condition that affects well-being. Bertha, her nickname, weighed 32 kilograms, but thanks to a drastic diet, she lost half of her weight.

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berthaan approximately 9-year-old female dog, arrived at a shelter in the state ofOhio to United States in very poor physiological condition. The poor Puggle (resulting from the cross between a female Beagle and a male Pug) could not even stand up due to being overweight.

The scale showed 32 kilograms, twice his ideal weight. The veterinarians gave him a life expectancy of only one month.

Meredith Willea dog trainer specializing in body mass management, spotted bertha on social media and kindly offered to take care of her.

“Bertha couldn’t walk and was so incredibly fat you could barely see her head. She had to be carried outside to relieve herself. It was very sad to watch”said Meredith to Mirror.

2 years of diet and physical activity

The female dog has therefore integrated her new quarters and has benefited from a complete check-up at the veterinarian. It turned out that she suffered from hypothyroidism and that her rate of diabetes was alarming, so much so that pancreatitis and liver failure threatened the future of bertha.

She also had a broken tendon in her left hind leg, but it would have been dangerous to operate on it with all those extra pounds.

Meredith therefore began treatment aimed at regulating his thyroid and the diet in parallel.

The objective was that bertha loses between 4 and 5% of its body mass per month. For it, Meredith established a healthy and adapted diet while giving him some exercise.

“At the beginning, Bertha only walked 2 minutes on the treadmill”, explained the lifeguard. But day by day, the dog regained energy and was able to try swimming. In just 4 months, she had lost 9 kilograms. She was therefore able to undergo the operation at that time to repair her tendon.

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Today, bertha is unrecognizable, both physically and mentally. She lost 16 kilograms and therefore regained her full abilities.

Otherwise, Meredith officially adopted his protegee. “She is a very cheerful and naughty bitch. She is very attached to me and vice versa.confided his mistress.


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