This pit bull was destined for slaughter and was saved by a kennel employee

A 6-year-old Pitbull dog named Cuda has become famous on social media and has over 21,000 Facebook fans. Cuda suffers from short spine syndrome, an unusual condition that only 17 dogs in the world have.

Julie LeRoy, 50 years old, from Kingston, New York, is Cuda’s current mistress. She was working for animal control when she rescued her. The pit bull dog had been found by a family who could not keep her.

Julie says as follows:

“They called me for help, told me they had saved this pit bull dog and asked me if I wanted to see her, because they couldn’t keep her”.

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“Even though I knew it was against protocol not to take her to the shelter to have her stung, I couldn’t bring her back. You could say I risked my job to save a dog.

Cuda’s singular appearance always attracts the attention of people who meet her.

“The most important reaction is that they are surprised because no one has ever seen someone like her before.”

Julie is constantly accused of making the dog suffer by keeping him alive with this condition, people who claim this completely ignore the situation that the pitbull is going through, because the truth is that Julie feels great love towards the precious Cuda, always gives her the necessary care and knows that she is happy to be with her family.

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“People come to tell me that she is in a lot of pain, that I am cruel to keep her alive and that I exploit her as if she were a circus act”.

Humpback Pit Bull Dog Rescued By Animal Control Officer

Julie LeRoy decided to create a Facebook page for Cuda to let the world know how unique and special she is.

Julie was in contact with the owner of another pit bull dog in Italy who suffers from the same condition as Cuda. This person then gave him all the necessary information about short spine syndrome.

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The companion of Julie, Scott LeRoy, 45said they already had four dogs and had no plans to adopt another, but when Cuda entered their lives, it was inevitable that they would not quickly fall in love with her.

Scott LeRoy said:

“When she brought her home my eyes got huge, they both looked at me and I was like, ‘Oh my god, what’s wrong with that dog? “.

Julia said:

“I think I spoiled her because we didn’t know what was going to happen to her and I just wanted her to be happy all her life. »

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“She changed everything for me and my husband. We were alone and had just moved to North Carolina, without any friends, and she brought us a lot of life, friends and gave us a purpose to live. Our whole life revolves around taking care of her and other dogs. It’s one in a million. »

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