This Senior Cat Spends Half His Life In A Shelter Dreaming Of One Day Knowing Happiness

12 years old, and after spending half his life in a shelter, this cat finally sees his dream come true.

In shelters, both puppies and kittens are the most successful animals. And the more the age of the animal advances, the more its hopes of being adopted diminish. When Hermes joined his refuge, he was 6 years old, an already advanced age which unfortunately harmed him. Indeed, during the 6 years that followed, no one wanted to adopt him. And the more time passed, the less his chances of ending his life in a house were great. However, his destiny has changed, since he has just been adopted, as related Newsweek.

The new owner of Hermès had already adopted a 10-year-old cat

It’s a woman, named bloody faucet on social networks, which offered a new home to Hermes. bloody faucet had recently chosen to adopt a cat that was 10 years old. She then shared her photo on the American social network Redditaccompanied by the words “Everyone adopts kittens, I adopted this 10 year old boy, so that his last days would not be caged.

It was thanks to the encouragement of his community that Bloodyfaucet decided to adopt Hermès

After sharing it, bloody faucet received an outpouring of support, and many comments. The members of Reddit were happy with this news. Her community has shared similar stories with her, making her realize that older animals are really too often neglected in shelters. It is thanks to all these messages that bloody faucet decided to proceed with a second adoption of an old cat.

Hermès was the lucky winner

The choice of bloody faucet focused on Hermes, this unfortunate feline having spent half its life in refuge. Thanks to the young woman and her community, Hermes has finally joined a home and will end his life surrounded by love.

Her owner shared her picture on social media, captioned “After the overwhelming support I received, I realized older cats were less adopted than I thought. Here is Hermès, 12 years old, who has been living at the shelter for 6 years. The lady started crying with joy when I said I wanted it.

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