This trick will allow you to reduce the sugar in your dishes and make healthy meals!

Want to drastically lower your sugar levels with a healthy meal? Read our article to learn the trick proposed by an expert.

Sugar guarantees a good taste in a dish or in drinks. However, it is not the best ally for a healthy meal. This is why so many experts banish it from the diet of a person wishing to lose weight.

In this article, we will give you the advice of a nutrition researcher and biochemist on how to naturally reduce sugar levels in the body. In fact, all you need to do is adopt the right eating habits.

Healthy meal: reduce your sugar intake

Jessie Inchauspé indicated that it is possible to have a healthy meal without going on a diet. It is the same case for the reduction of the rate of the carbohydrate in the body. This researcher mentioned this in her book entitled “Make your glucose revolution” published by Robert-Laffont. She summarized her work during her appearance on the show “Bienfait pour vous”.

At the microphone of Mélanie Gomez, Jessie Inchauspé said that the drop in sugar levels in the body improves health and also promote weight loss. Thus, it is important to follow the good habits indicated in his book to have a healthy meal throughout his life. Moreover, many readers have applied his methods and have noticed a positive improvement in their state of health.

That said, the advice of the biochemist has proven itself and has changed the lives of many people. By adopting this healthy meal, readers have reduces inflammation. Moreover, she affirmed that her method presents “fewer physical and mental consequences”.

The most fascinating thing about this healthy meal is that it allows you to lose pounds fast and efficiently. No need to go on diets to have a dream body. Moreover, Jessie Inchauspé specified that her method aims to restore biology to a good state. This provides each individual with more energy and less cravings.

The disadvantages of high sugar levels in the body

We will now tell you about the benefits of sugar in the body since it does not result in a healthy meal. The purpose of this paragraph is to warn you about the excessive consumption of sugar refined. For information, the amount of sugar ingested has increased from 5 to 30 kg per person in a century. This is not good news since we consume added sugar from an early age.

Thus, refined sugar becomes a drug for everyone and has disadvantages, whether physically or mentally. Moreover, many of us can no longer do without it since it has become an addiction. It is best to opt for a healthy meal since a high level of glucose in the body will do us more harm than good. And even sugar-free drinks since they contain artificial sweeteners which are even worse.

Be aware that sugar can cause certain illnesses. We can cite diabetes, obesity and many others. Apart from that, it also promotes hypertension and cardiovascular illnesses if the cholesterol level increases at the same time as the sugar. It is not over yet since the latter facilitates the development of cancers of the colon, stomach, breast, uterus and pancreas.

In addition to this, sugar weakens our immune defenses as it attacks the bacterial flora once in the intestine. It is because of all these disadvantages that Jessie Inchauspé wrote her book in order to reduce peak glucose by 75%. This is doable by practicing the healthy meal that we will walk you through in the next paragraph.

The order of foods for a healthy meal

Studies have shown that which meal you eat regularly can have a completely different impact on glucose levels. In effect, the order in which we eat foods can make it a healthy meal or not. To do this, start with vegetables, then proteins and fats. Finally, we eat starchy foods and sugars. Here, the goal is not to change the food but to eat in the right order.

Fruit is always at the end of the healthy meal. It’s a good habit to keep according to the biochemist even if the opposite was a habit during the Renaissance. However, this is not scientifically proven at all since science shows that sugars are better at the end. However, adopt this method to be healthy and eliminate fat in your body.

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