This unexpected shortage that threatens one of the emblems of French gastronomy

After sunflower oil or mustard, is the Breton galette threatened with shortage? Because of the war in Ukraine, buckwheat could indeed run out in the coming months, as revealed Le Figaro in its May 11 issue. Russia and Ukraine provide a third of world buckwheat exports. However, the market is, for the time being, at a standstill. As for China, also a major supplier, it is also difficult to obtain supplies there. ” The price of buckwheat from China has become exorbitant with rising transport costsexplains Jean Paulic, Chairman and CEO of the Paulic flour mill, in Saint-Gérand in Morbihan, to our colleagues from Figaro.

French farmers shunned buckwheat in favor of more profitable crops

As a result, between 5,000 and 10,000 tonnes of buckwheat could be lacking at the end of 2022 to meet French demand. Information that confirms West France in its columns. If summer visitors will still be able to savor their full cake during the summer season, concern is mounting for next year. Especially since French production (25,000 tonnes in 2021) is not celebrating, especially that of Breton buckwheat protected geographical indication (PGI). 100 to 150 farmers are indeed missing this year, as pointed out West France. The reason ? They favored other more interesting crops whose prices have soared, such as rapeseed, barley or wheat.

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A shortage of Breton pancakes in 2023?

The contracts are made in advance, we have enough to do at least until the end of the year “, wanted to reassure the Minoterie Frances with the regional daily. But for 2022, the precious seed must be sown around June 15. To save the famous pancake, the Blé noir tradition Bretagne association therefore launched an appeal for help, in April, to encourage farmers to sow buckwheat before summer. However, if enough farmers do not respond present, a shortage is to be expected for the spring of 2023.

Sector professionals fear a buckwheat shortage in the spring of 2023

A field of buckwheat

A field of buckwheat

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