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This video showing a mother cat encouraging her little one to go down the stairs has gone viral

Being a parent does not mean doing everything for your children, but rather helping them overcome their fears and weaknesses so that they can one day fend for themselves in life. This mother cat has understood this and warmly encourages her offspring to take the plunge.

Drawing :

This black alley pussy has an innate sense of patience. As she prepares to descend the stairs leading to the first floor of her home, she realizes that one of her little ones is having difficulty.

For lack of self-confidence and fear of heights, the kitten hesitates to take the first step. His mother therefore calmly sat down below to wait for him while motivating him.

On the sequence posted on the TikTok account @catastrophiclives, we can clearly hear the dialogue between the 2 cats. The baby cries for help, but the cat encourages him by meowing tenderly instead of carrying him by the neck herself.


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A new step taken

After a momentary hesitation, the black kitten decided to go down the step which, let’s face it, is high for its height.

Even more touching, his mother warmly congratulates him after his achievement by licking the top of his head.

The video moved the community. It has amassed more than 1.3 million views and garnered a lot of reactions, reports PetHelpFul.

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You can read in the comments: “It’s high-level coaching! It’s definitely the cutest thing I’ll see today.”, “She’s such a wonderful mom! We should all learn from her.”or “It’s so adorable! She was just telling the little one that it was safe and they could do it! And regarding the licks she gave after the kitten came down a step, we can speak of positive education ».


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