This woman lives for 4 months with the wrong dog, after a groomer mistake

It was the strange behavior of his dog “Emma” who challenged his mistress, reports the DailyMail. Coming from a cross between a German Shepherd male and a Newfoundland female, the animal had just been entrusted to the groomer. Having left to do some shopping before picking it up, she immediately noticed that something was wrong…

However, this is not the first time that the dog has visited the groomer. ” When we picked her up, she started acting very strange. Physically she was the same, but mentally she wasn’t there “explains his mistress.

A female dog with abnormal behavior: She started to get more aggressive »

She ends up telling herself that her abnormal behavior must be due to the stress caused by the ordeal of grooming. Everything could have gone back to normal once the house was found. But it was nothing…

Indeed, Emma will continue to act just as weird: She started to become more aggressive. She bit my hand as I tried to feed her. She totally ignored people she knew and liked “explains his mistress.

The latter this time postponed this sudden change in behavior on the absence of her own father (for professional reasons) to which the dog was particularly attached. For 4 months, nothing changed until a call came to clarify the situation…

The end of the mystery

The professional who had taken care of the dog a few months before invited her mistress to bring her back to the grooming salon immediately. And for good reason: the animal recovered the last time was actually not Emma, ​​but Bear.

Bear is none other than Emma’s biological sister, from the same litter, who belongs to another couple.

In shock, the woman confides: For 4 months, I took care of and loved this dog that I called Emma. She looked exactly like my dog, but was somewhat different from the Emma I knew “.

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Emma was finally able to find her home. His mistress explains all the same that this story has left its mark. She fears that the two dogs are psychologically affected. The groomer meanwhile apologized to the owners.

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