Thor pup stirs up lusts

Without knowing it, Marie Dubos, president of Arpa, triggered an avalanche. No less than five people declared themselves owners. “Even an assistant to the mayor of Le Passage came to recover the animal on behalf of its legitimate owner”, is surprised the president of the refuge. No question of giving in to the pressure. “Too many questions around this little beast. ” Where is he from ? Why isn’t he tattooed or chipped? “He’s a purebred dog, a pure beagle, he’s magnificent”, underlines Marie Dubos.

object of traffic

And why was it deposited in front of the Arpa gate? “Because the people who did this knew I wasn’t going to give it back to anyone. Since Wednesday, Marie Dubos has been carrying out a real investigation. “I want to know where this dog is from. Even his name, Thor, “whether it fits him like a glove,” is uncertain.

Recovered on Saturday August 6 by firefighters on a balcony, he was then placed in the municipal kennel, next to the former fire station of Passage-d’Agen. Local which was then fractured. And the dog, visibly carried away. Before being anonymously dropped off in front of the gate of the Boetian refuge.

If the president of Arpa is so cautious, it is because these animals, beagles, are among the most stolen dogs and at the heart of the most glaucous trafficking, “even to laboratories, because they are particularly docile, kind and easy”. The behavior of the animal at his feet does not contradict his words.

But above all, what she wants is for the law to be respected. “An animal must be identified. Otherwise, we end up in situations like this! “More common for a puppy who buys between 500 and 1,000 euros than for an old dog left by the side of the road…

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