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those partners who do us good

In the middle of a deserted road damaged by war, a crouching man rests his head on that of a dog. He wraps his hands around the animal paralyzed with fear after a Russian bombardment in Irpin, Ukraine, on March 13. Since the start of the conflict, dozens of images of Ukrainians trudging along with a German shepherd in their arms or cuddling a cat in an underground shelter have gone around the world. Many refugees have even refused to run away without their pets, and French associations have implemented a health protocol to welcome them. Never before has an exodus from war featured canines and felines so much.

The proof that if our love of animals is nothing new, the relationship we have with them has evolved. After centuries spent being a work tool for man or a guardian of the house, the pet has risen to the status of a member of the family.

According to the Statista Institute, more than half of French people say they own one and 18% of those who don’t have one plan to buy one in the future. During the confinements, it even became an emotional safe haven. Some owners assure it: without this presence, they simply would not have survived. The SPA has also had a record number of adoption requests in 2020.

They no longer eat leftovers but organic croquettes with CBD

To the point of worrying even the Vatican. “Some have dogs and cats that take the place of children.

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