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thousands of people are petrified by his gesture (Video)

The difference in size between the dog and the baby is not the only thing that alerts those present. The animal does something that leaves thousands of people petrified. Watch the video !

The events happened in Canada a few years ago. A new member has arrived in the home of a Canadian family: a baby.

But this family is not quite like the others because a giant Leonberger lives there. A dog in XXL format, which is not always easy to manage with a baby or a young child.

A petrified mother

As you can see in the video below, the huge Leonberg approaches the child under the petrified gaze of the mother. But, while no one expected that, the dog shows total gentleness towards the baby.

The baby, almost 11 months old, was crawling on the floor. Monzie, who weighs 63 kilos, snuck up on her. The little girl, far from being afraid, grabs the dog by the muzzle and lets herself be licked as if nothing had happened, as if the dog were one of her stuffed animals.

The video shared on YouTube doesn’t just show this moment. The video also shows what the daily life of this inseparable duo looks like. For example, when mum uses the vacuum cleaner…they both remain still and do not take their eyes off their mum.

There are even a few seconds where Monzie lays her head on the baby. It’s like they support each other.

As soon as she has the opportunity, the little girl shares sweet moments with her huge dog who pays her back!

Attention ⛔ Despite the adorable images you have just seen, we remind you that you should never leave a dog and a child alone without adult supervision.

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