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Three dogs attack a teenager in a town in Sarthe, the mayor asks for their euthanasia

Three American Bully mastiffs attacked a teenage girl on Saturday August 20 in Noyen-sur-Sarthe. A man who tried to intervene was bitten. Both victims were hospitalized and an investigation for unintentional injuries was opened.

Around 6 p.m. on Saturday August 20, three dogs chased and then bit a 15-year-old girl in Noyen-sur-Sarthe in the Pays de la Loire. A witness tried to intervene and also suffered injuries. Both were hospitalized at the University Hospital of Le Mans.

“They pounced on her”

The teenager was with her boyfriend when they came face to face with the three dogs. She then tried to get away from them on a scooter, while her boyfriend remained “frozen”, reports the mayor of the town, Jean-Louis Morice, to our colleagues from Ouest-France. “That’s when they pounced on her.”

The young girl was still hospitalized this Sunday, August 21, bitten from head to leg. A 30-year-old man, who witnessed the scene and tried to help the teenager, was also bitten. He was treated at Le Mans University Hospital and released from hospital. He walks, according to Jean-Louis Morice, on crutches.

Dogs already known in the town

An investigation for unintentional injuries has been opened. The three dogs were, according to the gendarmerie, on a walk with their masters. They were not kept on a leash, although they are already well known to the mayor of Noyen-sur-Sarthe. The owner was arrested, the dogs were placed in “a suitable structure”, pending a decision.

The master, still heard this Sunday, August 21, has already been warned by the gendarmes of the management of his animals. The problems go back to “its installation in the town a few months ago, reports the mayor of the town. They have already bitten people and animals. I grumbled. Now I don’t want to see them anymore”. A letter was sent to the prefect to request their euthanasia.

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