Three lawyers and a magistrate indicted in the case of the bailiff prosecuted for corruption

The corruption case involving a bailiff from the Nanterre court has just experienced new developments. Not with regard directly to this young woman, who has not been summoned by the Versailles investigating judge in charge of the case since her first interrogation, in February 2021.

Three lawyers are now also implicated, as well as a magistrate who practiced in Nanterre at the time of the alleged facts, in 2020. Placed in police custody last month, the latter was summoned before the investigating judge on Wednesday. And after seven hours of interrogation, his colleague therefore put him on trial. Not for corruption but for “complicity in influence peddling” and for “misappropriation of personal data”.

What he is suspected of comes down to a possible intervention aimed at speeding up an appointment at the consulate for the bailiff, who needed to redo her passport urgently. This would constitute “complicity in influence peddling”.

Young lawyers in need of clients

The “diversion of data” would correspond to the consultation of a judicial file, in order to indicate the date on which a relative of the said bailiff was summoned to court. “She was in her office, received a phone call from the one who was summoned but did not know when,” says someone close to the case. The magistrate would therefore have consulted the file and indicated the date. Council of the magistrate, Me Marie-Alix Canu-Bernard, who refuses to comment on the merits, assures that she will file a request for nullity of police custody.

Lawyers, on the other hand, are well indicted for corruption. Two of them, registered with the Paris bar, were only at the start of their careers. At the heart of the court, the young bailiff therefore had the advantage of being able to bring down clients. What she would have done for a bonus. She denied it as soon as she was arrested, but telephone tapping suggests the opposite.

A lawyer prosecuted disbarred from the bar

The third indicted lawyer is no longer registered with the bar. Neither that of Paris which struck it off, nor that of Nanterre which had done the same but on appeal, this last radiation had turned into a temporary ban on practicing for eighteen months. Period ending in June. The lawyer can therefore ask to be reinstated at the bar of Nanterre soon. But there is no doubt that the council of the order is not prepared to welcome him with open arms.

It was through her that the affair was revealed. In July 2020, one of his “clients” had filed a complaint against his counsel for fraud. This woman had paid part of the fees in cash, handing them over to the bailiff. But the lawyer would not have touched the file for months. Other lawyers were questioned by the judge, without indictment. But it is not finished.

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