To confirm the delivery of a package, a delivery man sends a hilarious photo of the house dog!

Upon receiving the message confirming that his package was delivered to his address, a customer had a hilarious surprise. In the photo accompanying the email appeared his dog, visibly unhappy with the arrival of the delivery man. The image posted on Reddit sparked a lot of laughter among Internet users.

A photo published on Reddit Monday March 14 elicited many comments from amused Internet users and totaled tens of thousands of “upvotes”, reported Newsweek. The author of this post responds on behalf of Chris Duncana.k.a PunkinMan on Redditand lives in the State of Mississippi.

My dad got an email from Amazon “, can we read in the caption of the said publication. The message in question was sent by the famous e-commerce company to the father of Chris Duncan to confirm that their package has been delivered. It therefore includes, as proof, a photo where you can clearly see the package deposited at the foot of the door.

“I’ve never seen Rascal make such a face before”

But what we also and above all see there is the customer’s dog, who did not seem to see the approach of the delivery man with a good eye. Standing on its hind legs behind the tiles, the quadruped displayed a hostile posture and seemed to bark to make the “intruder” understand that he was not at all welcome on what he considers to be his territory.

Illustration of the article: To confirm the delivery of a parcel, a delivery man sends a hilarious photo of the dog of the house!

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The dog in question is called Rascal. He is a 6-year-old Chihuahua / Rat Terrier cross, who makes it a point of honor to stand guard at his master’s home.

I couldn’t stop laughingentrusts Chris Duncan. I’ve never seen Rascal make such a face before “.

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