To find the best French tradition baguette 2022, head east!

We’re not going to roll you in flour. If you want to taste the best French traditional baguette 2022, you will have to head for the Grand-Est. A region in the spotlight this year because it places its two candidates on the podium of the prestigious national competition for the best French traditional baguette. A competition organized by the National Confederation of French Bakery and Pastry, as part of the bread festival and a final that took place over the past three days on the forecourt of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Selected among the six best candidates at the end of the qualifying rounds of the final phase of the competition, it is a craftsman from the Grand-Est, Patrick Baillet, based in Ay-Champagne, in the Marne, who wins the title. Very good performance also from Strasbourg native Jérémy Keil, master baker in Strasbourg, who came third, and who fought well against his opponents of the day. The Alsatian baker, whom 20 Minutes had followed during its preparation, said he was “a little disappointed” but still welcomes his fine journey to reach the final in Paris: first in Bas-Rhin out of sixty of participants, second in the Grand-Est competition, then in the final trio during the final selection in Paris…

The importance of resting the dough

What was missing to win the supreme title? ” I do not really know. I was told that my chopsticks were very beautiful, I was very confident, confides Jérémy Keil. Maybe in taste, it was a bit lacking. But as I went last to make the dough the day before, and I was the first to work again the next day, I think there was not enough rest time to develop the aromas, says the baker. There were only about fifteen hours in the cold whereas at home, I have pasta which has 24 hours of rest. It must have played. “A very good performance in any case and which should attract a little more customers to one of the three bakeries in Strasbourg.

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