To live a long life, should you eat broccoli?

Live long and healthy. An equation we all dream of. In a book, the Danish biologist Nicklas Brendborg is interested in mysteries of aging. As reported by the Daily Mail (source 1), the author reveals some tips for living longer.

Starting with food. Thus, he ensures that the broccolithe kale and the cabbage are good for us but not really. Indeed, these leafy green vegetables are good for us because they are… bad for us. “These plants don’t want to be eaten, they just want to grow, produce seeds and leave offspring,” says the author. But it is because they are toxic that they are also good for us since they trigger defense mechanisms of our body. If we had to remember one rule from the author’s advice, it would be that there is an ideal quantity for each food.

The biologist advises against antioxidant supplements : “It appears that antioxidant supplements promote the growth and spread of certain cancers rather than limiting them…excessive antioxidants interfere with the process of exercise strengthening and health”.

Intense exercises

According to the specialist, exposure to certain stresses strengthen the body such as intense exercise (but not to exhaustion), strong sunlight (but not sunburn), high altitude (to make our lungs more efficient ) and hunger. “It’s not so much a run that’s good for you as the recovery mechanisms it triggers,” adds the author.

“Your body pumps exactly the right amount of antioxidants, sends extra nutrients to repair the muscles, the heart becomes stronger and so on. But run until exhaustion and you can leave your immune system weakened for days”, underlines the biologist. Before giving a final instruction: “Our lifespan is only hereditary about a third at most, we we say: the rest is up to us, diet, exercise and sleep. And just what it takes stress“.

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