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TO SEE | A cat is born with two heads

A couple from Arkansas recently had a big surprise: their cat gave birth to a kitten with two heads.

Ariel Contreras and her partner named the baby feline “Harvey”, a reference to the character of Harvey Dent, nicknamed Two-Face, one of Batman’s sworn enemies.

Harvey is actually a “janus cat”, a rare genetic mutation caused by excessive protein production in the womb. A Janus cat can be fed by either of its two mouths.

“His chances of survival are as high as for his brothers and sisters, provided he is fed with a bottle,” says veterinarian Dr Tim Addis.

Yet statistics show that a large number of Janus cats die within their first 12 hours of life.

Harvey is nevertheless doing very well. He is even bigger than the other kittens in his litter, observe his owners.

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