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Toby the dog acts as a babysitter for kittens while their mother is away (video)

This touching scene made the buzz on TikTok. How not to fall in front of Toby, this dog taking little kittens under his wing, while their mother cat is resting? Lauren, the mistress of these animals, remained amazed, and immortalized this touching moment in a video.

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Toby was probably not predestined to do kitten sitting, since he is more used to swimming and taking care of his puppy Bruno, But never mind ! This crusader Border Collie / Australian Shepherd showed great tenderness in taking care of these five fluffy little beings and moved social networks last May.

On the account TikTok of lauren (ljayne7), we find this famous video in which all the animals are first gathered on the same basket. The gray mother cat with striped paws then goes to find another of her kittens by the scruff of the neck, then places it next to Tobybefore going to rest and leaving the dog the responsibility of looking after its young.


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Toby is “the uncle who doesn’t know how to do it, but does his best”

The dog was able to show an undeniable affection for these little kittens. “This is the first time that he has remained motionless for so long!” is surprised lauren on his video tiktokwhich has been viewed more than 4.3 million times.

The mother cat was therefore able to enjoy a well-deserved rest, she who wandered in the street before being adopted by laurenand who will soon be sterilized, according to the words of her mistress.

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We wish this large family many more beautiful moments of tenderness and sharing!

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