TOO Hotel, new rooftop with panoramic restaurant and Skybar

This is the story of a castle suspended above Paris… A place where anything can happen. As it is levitating, it causes a euphoric effect. Inside, you are more beautiful, more in love, more creative. This castle is filled with energy, dreams, love, desires, intelligence and laughter. He flies up there, where the weather is nice, where the rare oxygen stuns. Of course, as in all castles, there are mysterious things happening there. But still very poetic. says Philippe Starck.

Philippe Starck offers us for the TOO Hotel a setting between dream and technology, all with warm, elegant and timeless interiors. Whether you are in the dining areas or in the rooms, the view promises to be incredible. The Seine is yours, the Eiffel Tower, the SacredHeart, Notre Dame, Beaubourg and the Pantheon from sunrise to sunset over Paris.

Here is a new dream spot that is likely to be talked about and where we will love to eat and have a drink very soon. See you at the end of October 2022!

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