Top 10 favorite dog breeds of the French

— BIGANDT.COM / — Baevskiy Dmitry /

You may have noticed on the street, many people are accompanied by their doggie. But you may also have noticed that they are almost always the same dog breeds! So today, what are the favorite breeds of the French?

10. The Australian Shepherd

This dog, it is sure that you will have crossed it at the bend of a sidewalk! A well-proportioned dog, he is alert and lively. Very agile and muscular, the males can measure between 51 and 58 cm high, and the females between 46 and 53 cm approximately. You can see them in four shades, each as pretty as the other: tricolor black, blue merle, tricolor red or red merle, sometimes with a white or tan mark. They are sometimes without a tail, as it has long been said that “the tail is naturally short, or docked, not more than 10 cm long”. But today, tail docking is banned in many European countries. He is a very intelligent dog who is delighted to learn, he is very demanding. A little training and you can make him do acrobatics!

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